Learn about the be nice. initiatve brought to you by 
the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan.  
A school program that teaches us the importance of understanding
depression, bullying and suicide.

​This is the David Braganini be nice. Memorial Fund.  
This is dedicated to our friend and brother, David Braganini, who took his own life at the age of 65
Devastated by this loss, David's family established this Foundation
in the effort to bring a better understanding of
depression, bullying and suicide.
Christy Buck is the Executive Director of the
Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan.  
She is dedicated to bringing these issues into the light
so we are more aware,
and thoughtful when dealing with others.
His passion.  His life.  His legacy.
Mental illness conditions are treatable.  
Suicide is preventalbe.  
Hope is real.